Johnny Wlvker

Johnny Wvlker is a new wave hip hop artist originally from Cincinnati, OH. In 2014 he moved out to LA to start a business in the cannabis industry. Catering mostly to major label artists allowed him to stay close to music, his passion and develop relationships within the industry and major label recording studios. 
Then in mid 2019 along with Owsla engineer, Jared “Praajex” Lynch they formed the label Dead Poet Soxiety. A creative collective where Johnny develops his artwork. He is also a writer, painter, & published poet since the age of 9. Merging modern pop art & hip hop music in a general sense is the blueprint for his dark melodic sound and cinematic aesthetic.
Johnny grew up mostly alone bouncing in between Cincinnati, OH and the rest of the Midwest. He has lived by himself since he was 16 years old where he began making music. This fuels his creativity while he’s fighting off his inner demons down these long dark roads we all have to travel.
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